Commercial Windows and Doors - Installation / Replacement

Commercial buildings often have more custom requirements than residential properties due to the architectural variations in different buildings. As such, windows and doors will need to be customizable while maintaining their quality and style in order to best serve the buildings in which they are installed. Windows and doors also need to follow certain regulations in order for your building to remain up to code. We work closely with building managers, architects, and construction companies to complete window and door projects on commercial properties according to the proper permits and codes required by your location, as well as the needs and aesthetics of the building itself. We make sure to meet the specific building performance requirements for every project, and have extensive experience installing windows and doors for a range of properties.


Tempered Glass: Commercial windows often use stronger glass than residential windows, such as tempered glass, so they are much less likely to break. If they do break, commercial glass tends to shatter into tiny pieces as opposed to breaking into shards that can be dangerously sharp. 

Laminated Windows: Laminated windows are another kind of commercial window, and they use layers of plastic or PVC instead of glass, so they are extremely difficult to break. This makes laminated windows protective against break-ins. 

Soundproofing: They also have greater soundproof qualities, making them a good choice for a noisy urban setting. 

Tinted Windows: Some commercial windows can also be tinted to help block out too much sunlight or heat.


Fire Doors: In several different industries, fireproof or fire resistant doors are important to keep staff and residents safe. Especially in a building that works with chemicals or that has a commercial kitchen, safety measures need to be taken to ensure everyone’s safety, and one of those measures is making sure doors are fireproof. Official fire doors also close automatically in the event of a fire.

Extra Durability: Commercial doors often need to be stronger than doors in residential properties. This is because they need to withstand heavy use and need to provide security to the people within the building.

Glass Doors: Glass doors are used primarily for aesthetics, and if you want passers-by to be able to see inside your building. This makes them an excellent choice for certain retail locations, or even a hotel or upscale apartment building.


Due to the meticulous and innovative construction of REHAU windows and doors within the United States, they are able to be customized for any size envelope without compromising the insulation properties of the space. The energy-efficiency of REHAU products ensure that the interior of your building remains at a comfortable temperature and is secure from irritants or pests from outside. Our team proudly supplies and installs a variety of REHAU commercial windows and doors to suit any project.